CBD FX | Vape Pen | 4 Flavours
CBD FX | Vape Pen | 4 Flavours
CBD FX | Vape Pen | 4 Flavours
CBD FX | Vape Pen | 4 Flavours

CBD FX | Vape Pen | 4 Flavours

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CBDfx | CBD Vape Pen

The CBDfx Vape Pen allows CBD lovers to enjoy the organic, full spectrum CBD in a convenient and exceptionally tasty way.

Each vape pen combines high-quality CBD with flavoured e-liquid to make it easier than ever to enjoy a controlled dose of hemp throughout the day.
Containing 30mg of CBD, these pens arrive already charged. All you have to do is simply take it out of the box, vape and chuck away when

CBD vape oil is a great way to incorporate CBD hemp oil into your daily routine, and our terpene infused liquids are more delectable than ever. Each liquid is specially formulated to maintain that natural, rich flavour, and is created with all natural CBD oil.

CBD Vape Liquids are made to be loaded into a vaporiser, or vape pen and. The method of vaporising these CBD Vape Liquid helps to preserve the integrity of the CBD compound which can be damaged if burned, or not absorbed fully if ingested. CBD vape oils ais a very effective way to take CBD, as when the CBD Vapor enters the lungs it goes directly into the blood stream. Vaping ensures that the CBD enters your body seamlessly, quickly and efficiently.

Although, breathing anything into your lungs does carry some potential risk, CBD Vape Liquids are thought to be a much cleaner method compared to smoking tobacco for example. So you can enjoy delicious flavours & beneficial CBD at a great price.

 * Contains under 0% THC