Are You A Comic Book Fan? Have You Wondered Which Superheroes Would Take CBD?

Are you a comic book nut? Do you love the Marvel Extended Universe, or are you a fan of DC?

These days, it seems there is a new superhero movie or TV show coming out in cinemas, or available to watch on streaming services every week. From `Arrow` and `Supergirl` and the brand new ‘Superman & Lois ‘series.

There were the recent Marvel releases `Black Widow with Scarlett Johansson and an upcoming new Spiderman film, as well as various DC Comic productions like ‘The Batman` with Robert Pattinson and `The Flash`; both shot in Glasgow, amongst a slew of others.

It appears you cannot turn around nowadays without seeing a new superhero movie. It is probably the most widespread genre in film today, and open to interpretation, as well as raising interesting questions. Many see comic book films as filled with metaphor, where some wonder how superheroes reflect everyday life, and if the characters are relatable, and how would your favourite Marvel and DC characters deal with day to day issues.

For instance, both Iron Man and Batman have no superheroes, and cannot rely on their extraordinary abilities to bounce back from their scrapes. So, the question is, if costumed crime fighters did exist in real life, how would they keep healthy and recover from their injuries? Is it possible they would turn to physical therapy, medication, or painkillers, or would they use an innovative approach, such as taking CBD?

If you consider Batman, as an example, he is a very troubled individual, both physically and psychological. He witnessed the murders of his parents when he was a boy, who left him emotionally scarred, and determined to avenge their deaths by fighting crime.

He was dedicated to training his body like an Olympic athlete, so he can be at optimum fitness. However, beating up criminals, and battling Gotham’s villains, must take a toll., and, after getting in a fight, Batman may wish to treat his injuries by applying CBD cream to the affected areas. He may also take CBD Oils and tinctures to help with his inflammation, recover from injury and treat his aches and pains.

Bruce Wayne may also find Cannabidiol of use when dealing with the anxiety and depression he may be experiencing, based on his childhood trauma and the psychological issues which compel a grown man to dress up as a bat and go out and fight crime.

It may seem fanciful, but it is possible to underestimate the profound effect taking CBD can have on your day to day life. But you do not need to be a superhero to resolve your issues, nor a costume or a cape. You can get all the assistance you need by taking CBD. It can give you the power to alleviate pain and injury and defeat anxiety and depression once and for all. Imagine that.