US Study Shows CBD Oil Could Treat Nerve Condition Linked To Type 2 Diabetes

US Study Shows CBD Oil Could Treat Nerve Condition Linked To Type 2 Diabetes

Millions of people in the UK are living with Type 2 diabetes. An illness which causes a nerve condition affecting 10% of the UK population over 55 years old.

However, it has been revealed, using CBD oil on the affected area, can not only provide relief, but lower your chances of suffering from an ailment called peripheral neuropathy.

The peripheral nervous system is responsible for sending messages from the brain and central nervous system all over the body. It sends sensory messages to the spinal cord, managing pain and touch, so it plays an important role in everyday functions.

Peripheral neuropathy is an aftereffect of diabetes, stemming from high blood sugar levels. The ailment can also be brought on by nerve injury, viral infections, the result of taking medication or even drinking to excess, amongst other causes.

It is the consequence of nerves outside the spinal cord, (otherwise referred to as the peripheral nerves), and those outside the brain, being damaged. The condition can lead to various symptoms, from pain and feeling week, to numbness in the hands and feet, as well as affecting the arms.

It is also customary to experience a burning sensation, weakened muscles and intense stabbing pain, often for long periods of time.

A recent medical trial revealed rubbing CBD oil on the skin where it hurts, not only decreased the pain of peripheral neuropathy, but could prevent you suffering from the complaint in the first place, alongside other conditions.

The trial was carried out at Scripps Mercy Hospital in California, with its results appearing in noted medical journal `Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology`. It concluded there were no negative effects to applying CBD oil to parts of the body affected by peripheral neuropathy.

There were 29 test subjects suffering from the condition, where more than 60% were men, and their average age was 68. During the study, 15 were given a CBD oil product treatment, while the remaining 14 had a placebo.

They received a pain test every fortnight to monitor any change, and possible improving symptoms. A process used to evaluate the mean change, from the opening baseline to the conclusion of the treatment.

The subjects given CBD oil showed a statistical decrease in severe, sharp pain, as well as a drop in cold and itching. The volunteers also felt no adverse side effects. 

Researchers say the results of the study show how, using CBD oil to treat peripheral neuropathy, can greatly alleviate pain, alongside other symptoms and sensations associated with the complaint.

This is as well as shining a light on alternatives to conventional therapy, which may go beyond current NHS treatments.

If you are living with Peripheral neuropathy, often brought on by Type 2 diabetes, the US study has shown how applying CBD oil can help you overcome your condition, which can make all the difference.  You may have found the perfect remedy, so why not give it a try?