US Scientists Explore Possibility CBD Could Reduce Effects Of Covid

US Scientists Explore Possibility CBD Could Reduce Effects Of Covid


During the coronavirus outbreak, scientists have been working around the clock to find the treatment or vaccine which could see us out of this crisis. Experts around the world are investigating every avenue, searching for the breakthrough which could ease the symptoms of the virus, or find a cure altogether. Even if it involves turning to areas you may not expect but could potentially yield results.

This comes after scientists in the US are exploring the possibility of using a newweapon in the fight against Covid-19; namely, cannabis plants.

The team is based at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in the city of Baltimore. It is led by an assistant professor of microbiology and immunology, who has set up a cutting-edgeresearch study. They are working full speed in the lab, to see if CBD has anti-viral properties, affecting cells with Covid.

Scientists are utilising a proprietary CBD formula created by bioRemedies MD, a local company, to see how cannabidiol reacts with coronavirus, and if it can be used to treat the disease.

CBD is known for being beneficial to your health, especially for those suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. It is also widely used as anti- inflammatory medication, which is where the team will be mostly focussing their attention.

Those infected with Covid-19 canexperience intense inflammatory effects, bringing on various conditions. It can damage your airways, possibly causing respiratory distress or failure; the most common cause of death in Covid cases. Former studies have demonstratedCannabidiol can have effective anti-inflammatory properties, when battlingbacterial infections.

The study in Baltimore comes after previous research, carried out at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. Their work appeared in the prestigious Preprints journal, which publishes articles in the field of science, medicine, and technology.

The Canadian report concluded CBD could help bar the molecule Covid-19 needs to enter someone’s cells and increase infection, known as ACE2.

The US study will expand on their research, by exploring further if CBD can helpdecrease the progress of ACE2. They will also investigate whether Cannabidiol can safeguard people from extreme inflammatory responses to Covid-19, which could affect their health and may even prove fatal.

Scientists all over the globe are fighting to find a treatment, or better still, a vaccine for coronavirus. Everyone is looking for the magic bullet which could lead to a cure or help us manage the symptoms.

But who could have predicted, according to scientists in Maryland, the answer to reducing the inflammatory effects of Covidcould lie with CBD?