UK Leads The Field In The Cannabidiol Industry-With Regenerate CBD Out Front

There are many different kinds of innovators, breaking new ground in the CBD Market. They are situated all over the country and come in various forms. Pioneers are working at the forefront of cannabidiol manufacture, in every corner of Britain. From scientists in a lab to salespersons in health shops and farmers in the field, people are working tirelessly to increase the CBD market in the UK. It is incredible.

Case in point, there are farmers located in Grantham, in the county of Lincolnshire in the East Midlands, who have been working the land for four generations, who are now making great strides in cannabidiol oil production. They have formed a company that sells CBD oils, as well as beverages like tea, sourced from hemp oil, grown on the farm.

The Lamymans, Michael, 52 years old and his wife Jackie, 42, have been cultivating the substance since 2018 and went into business two years ago. They have been working in conjunction with collaborators Jimmy Ward and Helena Barratt, who together have been working in the hemp and CBD trade for around five decades. They have pulled their resources to join the ever-growing number of businesses working in the CBD industry, and striving for innovation, across the UK.

This is an ever thriving market, and we at Regenerate CBD are right on the cusp. We are also committed to offering our customers the finest quality, premium cannabidiol based products. Ranging from the finest CBD Oil and tinctures and edibles to vape juice and skincare, available from locations across the country.

You can visit our branches in all four corners of the UK, from Aberdeen, Dunfermline and Edinburgh to Liverpool and Nottingham to Dublin and Cardiff, offshoots from our home base in the centre of Glasgow. There are people all over the United Kingdom who are making massive inroads, and exciting new discoveries in cannabidiol oil production, and you will always find Regenerate CBD right out front.