TOWIE Star Ready To Meet With The Prime Minister To Change The Law

Warriors come in all shapes and sizes and, every once in a while, an unlikely hero emerges. Someone prepared to take on the political elite, and speak to the very heart of government, for a cause they believe in.

But who is this surprising, tenacious crusader? Fighting for medical cannabis to be made readily available on the NHS, which could take her to Downing Street and meeting with Boris Johnson?

It turns out the hero taking up the fight is none other than Amy Childs. The beautiful 32-year-old model and TV personality who made her name on the reality show `The Only Way Is Essex`, but also appeared on `Celebrity Big Brother ` and Channel 4’s sports competition `The Jump`.

However, the tv star is now reportedly undergoing a far more important adventure. Championing medical cannabis, while endorsing the use of Cannabidiol, by becoming Creative Director of a CBD brand. One inspired by a very brave girl.

Medicinal cannabis was made legal in the UK four years ago, but by all accounts, government red tape and bureaucracy has prevented patients from receiving it on the NHS and having to pay for it themselves.

The TV star is hoping her celebrity status can help change the way people can gain access on the National Health, after learning about little Jorja Emerson from Northern Ireland.

The tot was sadly born with a serious type of epilepsy, which medical experts said would cost her her life when she was a year old. Miraculously, she beat the odds, but when she was three, she was having up to thirty seizures a day.

Jorja is now six years old and has been using medicinal cannabis, while her family have brought out their own brand of CBD products; appropriately enough called Jorja Botanicals, of which Ms Childs has been named Creative Director.

The reality star has now called for the British Prime Minister to allow people to have prescriptions for medical cannabis on the NHS and would like to go to the Houses of Parliament to discuss it with Boris Johnson.

The mother of two is passionate about the issue, having been touched and inspired by Jorja’s story. She has met with her family, and they have become close, and Amy has observed the benefits of taking medical cannabis up close.

Jorja was the first child in the United Kingdom to be prescribed it legally when she was three, and the results have been remarkable, It has not only saved her life, but she hardly experiences seizures anymore, or sets foot in a hospital, despite the occasional routine appointment.

A family determined to do anything to help their daughter turned to medicinal cannabis and ended up launching their own CBD Brand.

Their story then caught the attention of a famous celebrity, who made it her mission to help change the law and make prescribing medicinal cannabis on the NHS legal. Wherever it may lead, even to Parliament.

Who would have thought that a reality TV star like Amy Childs could go from TOWIE to Number 10? But anything is possible when you have passion and are ready to fight for a cause!