The Most Amazing CBD tinctures On Sale From Regenerate CBD

One of the most popular ways of taking CBD is through a tincture but are you aware of what exactly a tincture is, and where the name comes from.

Not to put too fine a point on it, a tincture is a medical expression relating to solvents being used in the extraction of active compounds from plants. The most widely used solvent being alcohol.

A CBD tincture is a liquid comprised of Cannabidiol, following extraction from hemp through the use of a solvent. However, what sets CBD tinctures apart from other types is they usually do not have alcohol. There are instances of alcohol being employed as a solvent in the extraction process, where CBD oil is removed from hemp flowers. The vast majority of Cannabidiol brands incorporate the supercritical CO2 extraction process. However, in actual fact, there is not a great deal of call for CBD tinctures sourced from alcohol.

Regenerate CBD prides itself on offering an extensive range of CBD oils and tinctures, which has undergone CO2 extraction from organic hemp. We utilise the purest form of CBD available when supercharging our tinctures and oils.

If you are an aficionado of whole plants, you should check out our incredible CBD Oil selection, boasting a complete full terpene profile, and combined with the finest organic hemp seed oil. You can also be assured we provide the leading pure, top-grade CBD Oil you can find, at a price that cannot be beaten.

We have a vast range for sale, across varied sizes and strengths. From 6% Regenerate CBD Oil to 10% and 20%, to bring you the right tincture. You can depend on us.

If you suffer from long term pain or experiencing disrupted sleep, why not pop a few droplets of our CBD tinctures under your tongue, holding it for sixty seconds before swallowing, and you will be amazed at the results? So, why not give it a shot?