Study Shows Cancer Patient Experienced Tumour Reduction After Taking CBD

It is noted that one in two people will suffer from cancer at some time in their life. It can be the most frightening, life-changing diagnosis which could turn a person’s world upside down. However, we may take comfort in the fact medical breakthroughs are being made every day and millions are being spent on research. Scientific experts around the globe are working tirelessly to battle this horrible illness. They are toiling to not only find a cure but reverse the effects of the disease and decrease its masse.

Experts are always looking for a breakthrough that can help stop cancer from advancing and reduce the progress of a tumour. However, it may be surprising and even encouraging, to learn a scientific study has recently made an amazing discovery.

It transpires there was a recent case study where it was revealed taking CBD oil daily resulted in a female patient experiencing regression in lung cancer.

The woman, who was in her eighties, had decided against conventional treatment and took CBD oil instead. Although experts believe more research may be required, an article just appeared in BMJ Case Reports, an illustrious journal, about the 80-year-old woman suffering from lung cancer, where the tumour decreased in size when taking CBD oil.

The patient had previously been a long term smoker, as well as suffering from other conditions such as high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, for which she received medication. However, in 2018, staff at the UK’s Respiratory Department in the Watford General Hospital, had diagnosed her with non-small lung cancer, with a tumour that measured 41 mm.

Fortunately, the tumour had not spread, and it was recommended she have surgery or undergo chemotherapy, but instead, she chose to take 0.5ml Cannabidiol three times daily, from August 2018, and the results were phenomenal During a CT scan and regular check-ups every three to six months revealed the tumour had reduced from 41mm to 10 mm by February, this year, amounting to a reduction of over 70% in diameter,

The scourge of cancer may be one of the biggest threats we face in day to day life, but by keeping abreast of the latest research and medical innovations, and using alternative methods like taking CBD, we could make great headway in the battle against the disease. If taking Cannabidiol three times a day could reduce a tumour, then there is hope we could defeat cancer in the end.