Studies Show Taking CBD Can Help Treat Glaucoma

Studies Show Taking CBD Can Help Treat Glaucoma


We know that, as we get older, we notice a physical change. We may feel a little more tired and out of breath or need to turn up the volume on the music or tv.


It is also not uncommon for people to have problems with their eyes when they get older. They may struggle to make out signs or must wear glasses when they read.


For many, this is a normal stage of life and just a part of getting older. But, are you aware hundreds of thousands of people in the UK suffer from an eye condition called Glaucoma? A common complaint, it not only afflicts half a million people in the United Kingdom each year, it is the Number One cause of irreversible blindness in the world.


But what exactly is Glaucoma? The ailment, otherwise referred to as the “sneak thief of sight,” is damage to the optic nerve, connecting the eye to the brain. A defining feature is what is known as IOP, or intraocular pressure; inordinate pressure in the eye, brought on by a build-up of fluid in the front part.


The eye produces the fluid, called aqueous humor, which is constantly drained in the eyeball. However, if its circulation is obstructed, fluid can accumulate, heightening pressure in the eyeball, possibly leading to Glaucoma.


It can be caused by a drop in blood supply to the optic nerve fibres and brings on numerous symptoms. Ranging from eye pain, redness around the eyes and blurred vision, to seeing halos around the eyes, nausea, and vomiting.


There are also many different types of the complaint. But the most commonplace is open-angle glaucoma, makingup almost nine out of ten cases. However, it is feared, if glaucoma is not treated in its early stages, it could lead to total blindness.


There may be no long-term cure for the condition, but there are still treatments available. Especially if it is detected early and depending on the type of glaucoma. 


For instance, you can take eye drops to relieve the pressure. Laser treatment can decrease fluid production in the eye, while surgery can increase fluid drainage.


But there is another possibility, as medical studies have shown cannabis, or strains with heightened THC rates, area valid option when treating glaucoma. Particularly, when cannabis has been found to reduce intraocular pressure.


However, it is advised you choose CBD oil, to combat the condition. Experts consider it an effective remedy, working in conjunction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).


The cell-signalling system managing the body’s operational functions, including how we respond to pain,our appetite, sleep patterns, changes in mood and immune responses. But cannabinoid receptors are effective in managing intraocular pressure.


The scientific community is working to develop medicine for glaucoma sufferers, sourced from CBD. They can help deal with ocular problems, to lower intraocular pressure. It can protect retina cells from long term damage, which could lead to a patient losing their sight.


Some might think employing CBD to treat the complaint is a relatively new idea, but the medical establishment hasbeen exploring the possibility for a long time.


Back in the late seventies, a study appeared in the International Journal of Pharmacology and Biopharmacology, noting how CBD helped over a dozen patients with open-angle glaucoma. They experienced a drop in their blood pressure which, in turn, decreased intraocular pressure.


Therefore, it showed, when applied correctly, CBD oil could be used as a treatment for glaucoma. Cannabidiol is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, which canprovide relief. CBD’s vaso-relaxant properties can also heighten the flow of blood in the ocular tissues in the eyes, preventing glaucoma.


It is a condition which can plague the lives of millions of people around the world. But, using CBD oil, could be the secret to overcoming glaucoma. It could alleviate the pain of the condition and avert the risk of possibly losing your sight


All in all, taking CBD can prove to be the perfect treatment, which can show you a whole new life. Free from the burden of glaucoma.