Studies Show CBD May Be A Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Epilepsy Seizures

It is a sad fact that hundreds and thousands of people in the UK suffer from seizures. According to sources, over half a million individuals across the country are living with epilepsy, while one in fifty will suffer from the complaint at some point in their life. It is also estimated over 80 people are diagnosed with the condition each day. If that’s not all, it is also felt approximately 60 million around the world have epilepsy, although that does not mean they will have it for life.

However, that can often be scant consolation for those struggling with epilepsy day to day, where it can sometimes be difficult to predict when a seizure will strike. Many feel as if they are living moment to moment, which can be a source of great strain and anxiety, adding to the physical effects of the affliction.

Sufferers know that, in many cases, the presence of flashing lights, alongside other sensory events, can bring on a seizure. Therefore, those living with epilepsy know they must take great care. They are aware it can be a fragile, precarious position, and they must follow every precaution.

The unforeseen can often occur, and sufferers living with the condition know they could have a seizure at any time.

Fortunately, recent studies have shown CBD can be used to treat, and decrease the effects of epilepsy, as well as decreasing the number of seizures suffered.  Research may be in its early stages, but it is believed, going by results, there is hope CBD can be a viable solution in the treatment of numerous seizure conditions.

Recent studies have also shown that medical cannabis had a greater than nine in ten chance of substantially decreasing seizures in youngsters under 18 years old suffering from severe epilepsy. This is great news and has shown how medicinal cannabis products like CBD are becoming more readily used, and are making great inroads, in the treatment of seizures.