Stirling Café Selling CBD Sourced Produce has Business Hours Extended

Nowadays, we have noticed the presence of CBD in modern life grow more widespread every day. Its influence can be seen in various industries, from retail, health and cosmetics to food, drink, and hospitality, to name but a few.

CBD is becoming progressively commonplace and can be purchased through many different outlets. If you are looking to meet your Cannabidiol needs, you could try visiting a health food store, a supermarket, one of our branches across the UK, or go online, among other avenues. These days, there are assorted options open to CBD enthusiasts. You can now even stop into a café and buy yourself a Cannabidiol based treat. Just imagine.

This is not to say, some businesses have not faced speed bumps on the way, but the industry has persevered. For instance, a café in Stirling, known for offering food and drink sourced from cannabis plants, is finally allowed to stay open late in the evening, after operating for two years.

The Hemp Room Café, located in the Upper Craigs area of the City Centre, is famous for using cannabis-based ingredients in its products.

But, at the end of 2019, to receive approval for planning permission from the local council, the café was conditionally required to keep restricted hours; Monday to Saturday, opening at 8 am and closing at six o'clock in the evening.

The cafe has been well received by the public and community, but, like many in the hospitality trade, business was affected by Covid.

However, following heightened interest by customers, Ms Claire Watson, the café owner, applied to council planners to dispense with the condition, so it could stay open till 11pm.

It was partly to meet increasing demand, bring in more customers, and cater to those who may be working during the day and cannot attend until after business hours.

It has been reported local council planners have now given the application conditionally approval, but certain restrictions stay in place.

Planners took this action after discussing the issue with Stirling Council Environmental Health. They felt that, although removing all restrictions was not warranted, there was sufficient justification to alter the cafes business hours.

The cafe initially received planning permission with certain conditions. Ranging from opening times and food preparation to the installation of anti-vibration fixtures and ventilation systems, as well as noise concerns, such as how the café may impact nearby residents, and those living in the flats above.

However, it has been recognised that the café is situated in a part of the city centre where other places which could be called a noise source, such as restaurants, pubs, or clubs, have later business hours, amongst other considerations.

When The Hemp Room opened its doors, Ms Watson imagined it becoming the first ever café in Scotland to offer ingredients and produce sourced from cannabis plants. Allowing customers to try food made from hemp oil or drinks containing CBD oil, as well as serving CBD oil itself.

The business is still working as a small café, but the decision to extend its opening hours till 11oclok at night shows just how popular CBD based produce has become, and how many in Scotland are willing to try it.

So, why don’t you?