Star Trek Star Beaming Over CBD To Treat Aches And Pains

Star Trek Star Beaming Over CBD To Treat Aches And Pains


A living legend is a term that gets banded about a lot. Especially in the world of film and TV. If you are the hottest new star, or Number One at the box office, it doesn’t mean you have staying power. However, when it comes to the actor who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek or the title role in 80s cop show TJ Hooker, then you truly are talking legendary.


William Shatner, 89, has been a star of film and television for decades. The Canadian actor has excelled in a variety of roles, from Shakespeare to guest starring as the murderer in Columbo. He even had comeback in later life, playing a flamboyant lawyer in hit TV series `Boston Legal`. 


The star’s career is still going from strength to strength. He is currently presenting a documentary series called The UnXplained With William Shatner, which deals with fascinating mysteries from around the world, from UFO’s and haunted houses to the Great Pyramid at Giza, amongst others.


However, the actor who once travelled to the final frontier is now venturing into new territory. Mr Shatner has spoken of how he had suffered from aches and pains for a long time but has found the ideal treatment.


He is now using CBD to alleviate swollen joints and stubborn pain, and, after applying cannabidiol to the affected area, the results are astonishing. 


CBD is lawful in the US under certain conditions, and Shatner has revealed he has been taking cannabinoid products to ease his discomfort, believing them more successful than conventional medicine.


The actor may have journeyed to other planets in Star Trek, but he is now embracing a whole new world of alternative therapy, by singing the praises of CBD. Therefore, it only begs the question, if it is good enough for Captain Kirk, why not try it yourself?