Sir Patrick Stewart- From Starship Captain To Championing CBD

Sir Patrick Stewart- From Starship Captain To Championing CBD

He is the hero to has been thrilling sci-fi fans since the eighties. Amazingly, despite being in his eighth decade, he is now re-entering an exciting phase of his career, by going back to one of his most beloved characters.

Behind the scenes though, the actor famous for playing the space captain travelling across the galaxy, or the head of a team of mutant superheroes, has been going through his own private battle offscreen. He has reportedly been living with a painful condition for years but has found relief through CBD.

Sir Patrick Stewart, lauded by Marvel comic book fans for playing Professor Charles Xavier, the leader of the X Men, is now reprising another of his famous parts, that of Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek The Next Generation. The role of the heroic space captain he originally played on television from 1987 to 1994, before transferring it to the big screen. Now, after an extended layoff, Stewart has returned to the role in a new spinoff show called Star Trek: Picard, which has just started shooting its second season.

So now, at the age of 80 years old, Sir Patrick Stewart is just as busy as ever.

However, many of his fans may not know that the actor has been living with arthritis, which has affected his hands, where he has experienced intense joint pain and stiffness. For years, he was searching for a viable treatment, but the actor has found his preferred solution, which he says work best for him.

A resident of Los Angeles, where marijuana for medicinal usage is lawful and readily available, Mr Stewart reportedly takesCBD regularly, through the use of a spray, which he applies to his fingers and thumb joints many times a day.

Stewart has also publicly given his support to CBD and spoken out on issues regardingmedicinal cannabis, such as the case of Afie Dingley. The small boy who was prohibited from receiving cannabis treatment by the UK government. Stewart was one of several celebrities who met the boy’s family during the campaign, which had a satisfactory conclusion, thanks in part to the backing ofhigh profile individuals like him.

He has been zipping around the galaxy on tv for over thirty years, but now Sir PatrickStewart is embarking on a whole new adventure, as an advocate of CBD.