Scottish Family Wins International Battle To Get Their Son The Treatment He Needs

Scottish Family Wins International Battle To Get Their Son The Treatment He Needs

Talk about unlikely heroes! Who could have dreamed a boy from East Kilbride and his family would find themselves at the centre of an international dispute involving Brexit, with possible life and death consequences, and come out victorious?

But this is exactly what has happened to eight-year-old Cole Thomson, who, earlier this year, saw his prescription to a CBD oil, which could save his life, stopped, after the UK left the European Union.

Cole suffers from severe epileptic seizures, which are resistant to drug treatment. However, he was being treated with the cannabis oil Bedrolite which, alongside Bedica, are made by the Dutch firm Transvaal Pharmacy.

It is a substance said to be revolutionary when it comes to treating children with drug-resistant epilepsy, allowing them to experience long periods without having a seizure.

The problem is, they cannot be prescribed legally for residents of the UK. Currently, parents can only receiveBedica or Bedrolite through private clinicians. Reportedly, the NHS in Scotland and England will not approve the prescription of oils containing THC to treat drug-resistant epilepsy.

It has been a struggle for Cole and his family, who were investigated by the police for smuggling Bedrolite oils into the UK from Holland, although it helped with his condition.

However, after a Glasgow company procured a license from the Home Office, Cole was given a prescription for Bedrolite, which duly saved his life.

But now a chemist from Holland, who manufactures the oil, says the Dutch health ministry has granted permission for Transvaal Pharmacy to prescribe it for residents of the UK, if only for six months.

They may be forced to take up the struggle again in June, but for now, thankfully, Cole can get the treatment he needs. This only goes to show how the health benefits of medicinal cannabis, along with the strength and tenacityof a loving family, can often save lives.