Sales Of CBD Products Rise To Record Levels During Covid

The coronavirus pandemic has had a detrimental effect on various markets and industries. It is well known how the situation wreaked havoc with the hospitality and retail industries, among others. The situation has, quite rightly, seen the good work and sacrifice made by NHS workers, and those on the front line come to the fore, and receive the acknowledgement and adulation they deserve. What’s more, at the same time, during these extraordinary circumstances, we have seen other fields flourish.

For instance, it may not be a massive revelation to learn that throughout the Covid crisis, there has been a massive increase in the legal cannabis market in the United Kingdom, as people take CBD to treat Covid-related symptoms. According to reports, sales in the UK have risen to such point that it is now the second biggest market in the world, next to the US.

Industry experts have put the upsurge down to both the physical and emotional effects of coronavirus. The pandemic has understandably led to a growth in people turning to CBD throughout the crisis to help them deal with the bodily effects of coronavirus, such as pain relief, due to its anti-inflammatory applications.  `

CBD has also been lauded as a source of relaxation, which has been essential for helping people overcome stress and anxiety throughout this difficult situation. This is partly why so many people in the UK have turned to CBD,

By all accounts, sales have reached record levels, adding up to around £690 million in the past year. Reportedly, it amounts to an increase of over 30% since before Covid, and experts believe this may only be the beginning. The market is still growing and is only set to rise as the pandemic goes on.

We have all been living through a tough time these past 18 months or so, and people are looking for the best way to deal with it. The fact sales of CBD sourced products have greatly improved throughout Covid only shows how folk in the UK have found benefit from its physical and emotional properties to help them through and you could do the same.