Why Not Have A Refreshing Cup Of CBD Coffee And A Cake To Go With It

Some say there is nothing better than giving you a pep in the morning and prepare you for the day, than a nice cup of coffee. However, if you are looking to enjoy your daily CBD intake, you do not have to deny yourself. The two are not mutually exclusive. There is a growing market for all kinds of Cannabidiol based coffees, which are becoming readily available, both online and in coffee shops, across the UK.

The fact is cafes specialising in selling CBD based coffees are opening up in every part of the country. For instance, there is a newly opened café called Juicy, located on Byres Road in the West End of Glasgow, which is already well known for its CBD infused matcha lattes. Made from a combination of steamed milk, espresso, in house vanilla maple and a brand of CBD oil.

The trend for CBD based food and drink has also continued South of the border. A shopping arcade, The Plot in the city of Plymouth has recently seen the opening of an exciting new business venue called Buddha Hut. The enterprise, working in conjunction with Mrs Brown, an illustrious bakery, to set up an enterprise in the arcade selling a line of CBD sourced cakes and baked goods. It is set to be the first CBD coffee shop in the city, set to open its doors on the 19th of July.

By all accounts, the cafe`s proprietors are looking to educate patrons about the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol, as well as offering customers a selection of delicious, sweet treats. Raising awareness of CBD can be used to treat a vast range of ailments and improve your overall quality of life.

More and more people around the country are experiencing the wonder of cannabidiol based produce, from sampling CBD coffee to the biscuits and cakes that go along with it.

Therefore, the next time you take a coffee drink or having a bite to eat, why not consider trying the CBD variety? You could still enjoy your daily cuppa and CBD intake at the same time. So, why not give it a go?