Recording Stars Are Making A Song And Dance On CBD On The King’s Birthday

The beginning of January is an important time of the year in the annuls of rock history. There is one special date in particular that stands out.

One date that stands out, and is particularly celebrated by music fans, it is the 8th of January. After all, this is the day when two giants of the recording industry; David Bowie and Elvis Presley, shared a birthday.

The King of Rock and Roll himself may have used CBD, if it was around in the 50s, 60s and 70s. He may have taken it to deal with the rigours of performing, to help him sleep or cope with the pressures of fame, amongst other reasons. Who can say?

Today, many famous recording artists and singers have been vocal about their support and admiration for CBD.

For instance, the iconic star of the movie `Grease`, British-Australian actress Olivia Newton-John has touched the hearts of millions during her brave battle with cancer, which came back four years ago. Ms Newton-John has stated how she took CBD, alongside contemporary medicine, and painkillers, and it has been a great aid in decreasing the symptoms of her illness.

From one extreme to another, the legendary singer of heavy metal band Black Sabbath, and ex-reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne, began using CBD after contracting pneumonia and experiencing shoulder and back pain as a result.

Two famous US rappers Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne, both reportedly not exactly unfamiliar with cannabis-based products, are said to be big fans of CBD. The former, teaming up with the famous American businessperson and TV personality Martha Stewart, is part owner of a Canadian company ‘`Canopy Growth Corp,’ who have just brought out their own range of CBD merchandise, and also has a brand of products called ‘3D CBD’.

The past few years have seen CBD become so popular, it has been embraced by prominent celebrities and major recording stars. They have all been singing Cannabidiols praises, which has seen it rise to the top of the hit parade. If you wish to experience the incredible health benefits of CBD, visit us online or stop in one of our branches across the UK. Don’t get all shook up. See for yourself what makes us top of the charts.