Looking To CBD In Wales? Visit Our Exciting New Branch In Cardiff

It seems every day CBD is becoming an ever growing powerful presence around the UK, as its popularity increases. We are witnessing more outlets offering Cannabidiol based products popping up all over, and Regenerate CBD is opening up branches of its CBD stores across the country. Ever since we started at our home base in Glasgow, we have now expanded to all corners of the UK. From Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dunfermline to Liverpool and Nottingham in England and Dublin in the Republic of Ireland.

Regenerate CBD’s scope has also extended to Wales, where we have opened a major branch and distributing centre in its beautiful capital, Cardiff. We are appropriately based at Capital Tower on Greyfriars Road, in the heart of the city.

Cardiff, otherwise known as its official designation, the City and County of Cardiff, is the largest city in Wales. It is the site of the Senedd, or Senedd Cymru in Welsh, the home of the Welsh Parliament, the cradle of democracy in Wales.

A centre of culture, creativity, and diversity, which has always been at the forefront of technological advancement and industry.

Many famous investors have come from Wales, such as the noted physicist Edward George Bowen, who made a great contribution to the development of radar. David Edward Hughes, the inventor of the microphone, also came from Wales, as well as contemporary pioneers like Alan Cox, the genius computer programmer known for his work developing Linux operating system software.

Wales is now in the foreground of the CBD trade, making its capital city Cardiff the ideal location to open one of our branches. If you pay us a call, you can see how we are following in that great tradition, by embracing the exciting new CBD industry in Wales.