It’s a Whole New Ball Game CBD Company Backed By Beckham To Be Floated On The Stock Exchange.

It’s a Whole New Ball Game CBD Company Backed By Beckham To Be Floated On The Stock Exchange.


It seems we are seeing more and more how CBD is becoming part of everyday life. However, it is set to reach another milestone, with a famous sporting hero front and centre.

A UK cannabis product firm, endorsed by one of the biggest football stars in the world, plans on selling shares on the London Stock Exchange, making it the first pure-play CBD business trading.

The news is even more exciting when you consider Cellular Goods, a company utilising compounds found in cannabis to produce skincare and athletic items, is backed by former Manchester United star David Beckham.

The inaugural CBD based listing on the stock exchange, Cellular Goods seems to be profiting from a change last September, allowing cannabis-based companies to float on the LSE, after the Financial Conduct Authority gave its approval, providing they are medicinal.

The firm was first set up three years ago. It is looking to raise around £8million from its LSE listing, and planning on using its profits to complete production of its skincare and movement products, due out in September.

Cellular Goods creates its cannabis-based products in the laboratory, instead of from plants. It is also becoming more commonplace for CBD to be used as an active ingredient in skincare products.

Those behind Cellular Goods have spoken of how, in the past few years, the market has seen a rise, and greater public awareness, in self-care and healthy living, while CBD products have proven increasingly popular.

The company has also related it is breaking new ground in the use of biosynthetic cannabinoids; thought to be cleaner, purer, and more environmentally friendly.

The CBD market is always forging new frontiers, from utilising biosynthetic cannabinoids to floating a cannabis-based company on the London Stock Exchange.

It only illustrates how CBD is indeed becoming more mainstream. Especiallyafter getting the backing of a football hero, which could be the perfect endorsement. What more could CBD need to raise its coolness level, than being signed off on by a superstar? It puts it in a different league.