Irish Dragons Den Star Investing in CBD As Cannabidiol Conquers The World

It is the hit TV show where wannabe entrepreneurs, pitch their ideas to giants of the business world, looking to be a success. The show has been a massive hit, where the format has been adapted all over the world. There are many different versions across the globe, which go under various names. There is a Dragons’ Den Canada, a Dragons’ Den Australia. The US version is entitled `Shark Tank`, while in China it is called `Chinese Partner` and on it goes.

The series has often been a springboard for many products and business ventures, where the `Dragons` have invested in business propositions that have subsequently gone through the roof.

Their businesses have covered a wide range of fields, from food and drink and hospitality to health, craft and designs and cosmetics, to name but a few. It now appears a business titan on the panel in an international version of the show is now spreading her wings and entering the world of CBD.

It has been announced a judge on the Irish version of the show has just brought out her own CBD brand, which could cap an already impressive career.

Chanelle Lady McCoy is a respected businesswoman and motivational speaker, renowned for being co-owner of the biggest pharmaceutical company in Ireland, alongside other notable achievements, which have seen her join the Irish version of Dragon's Den.

 The charismatic entrepreneur, married to Tony McCoy, one time Northern Irish National Hunt and Champion Jockey, is now part-owner of a new CBD oil brand which has been endorsed by, among others the actress, and star of `Love Actually` Martine McCutcheon and former English rugby union player Mike Tindall.

The news an Irish tycoon and judge on TVs Dragon Den, is venturing into the Cannabidiol arena, only shows how CBD has become more commonplace, to say nothing of thriving on the international stage. It has seen one of the leaders of the business world in Ireland embrace this exciting new market, which is growing more popular around the world. It now has celebrity fans, from film stars to sporting heroes and you could now experience it for yourself. So, why not stop by your local brand of Regenerate CBD or visit us online, and sample one of our excellent CBD based products? It is sure to be a good investment which you will love, actually.