How to Spot Fake CBD Oil | Regenerate CBD | Your Glasgow CBD Shop

Don’t Buy Fake or Poor-Quality CBD Oil 

During our time in the industry we have seen many of the FAKE CBD OILS for sale on the UK market and they are normally very easy to spot if you follow these simple rules:

1) - Can they provide a valid UK Lab Report showing what’s in the bottle?
2) - Do they show you the full information on the bottles - % Dilution or MG of the product?
3) - Is the bottle bigger than 10ml? Bigger 15ml/30ml bottles normally mean a weaker watered-down version of a poor-quality CBD oil to start with = PLACEBO!!!
4) - Is the CBD oil too cheap or do they have special offers like buy 2 get 1 free for £14.99…? As Regenerate CBD is well established we know the true costs involved and when we see offers like the above on eBay & Amazon we do wonder what is actually in the bottles as we would struggle to even get to them prices and we control the whole operation (So what’s in them bottles???..)

Good-Quality CBD oil should NOT be expensive - Regenerate CBD oil will always retail LESS than the major brands in this industry as we know the real costs of making and producing good quality CBD oil and feel the UK CBD oil RRP is too high and making CBD oil not affordable to the general public.

We stock the best quality CBD Oil Glasgow and are one of the major stockists of the Sunstate Hemp UK CBD Gummy and Cream range.

Regenerate CBD offers amazing quality at affordable prices with unbeatable customer service.