How International Women’s Day Shines A Light On Powerful Women Like Rebekah Hall. A Leader In The CBD Market

How International Women’s Day Shines A Light On Powerful Women Like Rebekah Hall. A Leader In The CBD Market


The beginning of the month, the 8th of March to be exact, marked International Women's Day (IWD). The annual event which, since its inception in 1911, has celebrated women’s achievements, while fighting for female equality and raising awareness of difficulties they may face, amongst other roles.

International Women’s Day focuses on the amazing strides forward women have made in various fields. We are now, more than ever, seeing women breaking new ground in various areas, ranging from science, medicine and technology to politics, finance and showbusiness, to name but a few.

However, IWD has also rightly lauded those women who have become giants in the business world, working in a cross section of industries, and the CBD market is no different.

In the past few years, many women have risen to a prominent position in the Cannabidiol trade. One such leader is Rebekah Hall, who set up a company called Botanic Lab in 2014, specialising in CBD tinctures and drinks. She then became the founder and CEO of South West Brands, a female-led London-based start-up, known for its CBD sourced beauty products, six years later.

Miss Hall, who began her career in banking, has spoken of how, when she started in the CBD trade, she found itcomparable to the financial sector.

There didn’t seem to be too many women in powerful roles in the industry. She decided that, to get ahead, she would have to take the initiative, and make her own breaks. Her hard work and determination led to the creation of South West Brands, a major force in the CBD market, distinguished by having an entirely female management team.

The progressive firm has ambitious plans for the future. South West Brands is always looking to achieve wider success in the CBD industry, while bringing the issue of female inequality to the public.

By highlighting how a trailblazer like Rebekah Hall has overcome adversity, and shone a light on discrimination, to become a giant in the CBD industry. This only symbolises the ultimate goals and intentionsof International Women’s Day, and everything it stands for.