Hole In One-Landmark Golf Study Shows How CBD Improves Health

For a long time, people have been talking about the relationship between CBD oil and sports, and how it can have a positive impact on various pastimes.  It has long been recognised for the beneficial effect it can have on athletes participating in a wide range of activities. Ranging from running, swimming and athletics, but who would have guessed CBD could also be a powerful tool in an unlikely sporting arena, enjoyed by millions around the world?

However, if you ever needed proof of how CBD products provide valuable assistance to people playing golf, then a recent one of a kind survey has highlighted the positive effect CBD can have on the body and mind.

The independent research was carried out by a prominent firm in the field, appropriately called Sports Marketing Surveys. It saw a leading CBD company set up by famous Irish golfer Darren Clarke, working in conjunction with an outfit called Shot Scope, known for tracking performance in Golf, carry out the survey.

The research was compiled to offer customers a reputable, independent overview of how CBD oil can help you overcome both physical and psychological issues which could be plaguing your life. The research also demonstrated the numerous health benefits of using Cannabidiol, and how it can treat a broad spectrum of conditions.

According to an initial perusal of the results, an estimated four-fifths of people who took part in the survey said that they had experienced an improvement on any existing injury or pain they had suffered, and also felt positive effects, after taking CBD oil during the opening half of the research.

The one hundred participants received 0% THC approved CBD oil which had been approved by third parties, supplied by the leading Cannabidiol company.

At the same time, the qualitative, survey-derived part of the research was overseen by Sports Marketing Surveys, while Shot Scope, through the use of its expertise in performance tracking, will analyse the data and results, to provide an in-depth picture of how CBD can improve your overall health.

Those who compiled the survey are saying this pioneering study can make great strides forward in both the sporting world and the CBD industry. The research may be in its early stages but, by all accounts, providing clear cut evidence of the positive impact taking CBD can have on your wellbeing.

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Source: Bunkered.co.uk