Have A Happy Holiday Australian Study Shows It Is Safe To Drive When Using CBD

We are now in the summer season when people all over the UK are planning to go on holiday. They have packed their bags and preparing to hit the open road. Setting off on their cars, campervans, and motor homes, as they journey to their destination.

However, for those who enjoy taking CBD, some may still be concerned about the safety and legality of driving while using a cannabis-based substance like Cannabidiol.

The possibility of consuming CBD before getting behind the wheel may have an adverse effect on their driving, or memory can often give some pause. There may even be some who fear using CBD when motoring can almost equate to socially and legally unacceptable acts like driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. A percentage may be afraid they may be inadvertently breaking the law or putting themselves at risk when driving while consuming CBD. But nothing can be further from the truth, and a recent medical study in Australia has been compiled to allay those fears; and reassure motorists that taking CBD will not negatively impact their driving.

A contemporary study in Australia revealed the biggest medical dose of cannabidiol permissible each day in the country; around 1,500mgs of CBD did not affect a person’s memory or ability to drive.

The United Kingdom is among a large number of countries around the world permitting people to drive while taking CBD. In Australia, a study at the University of Sydney showed that, when taken on its own, CBD is considered `driver-safe”

Dr Danielle McCartney, the lead author, took charge of the study, where seventeen subjects performed simulated driving tasks after being given either a placebo or 15mg, 30mg or 1,500mg of CBD oil. Amongst the most taken doses in the country.

Those taking part initially had to keep a safe distance between themselves and the car taking the lead, as they drive down rural roads and highways for between three quarters an hour to 75 minutes after being given CBD, and then between three and a half to four hours later, to gauge the results.

The subjects did this four times over, one for each dose of CBD alongside the placebo, to see how they controlled the simulated car. Measuring how it is handled, its driving ability and the driver's cognition, as well as the rate of CBD concentration in their plasma, alongside other considerations.

During their study, the research team found none of the doses caused intoxication or seemed to negatively affect a participant's memory, cognition or driving ability.

The team conceded that the study centred on CBD by itself and advised that drivers should still show caution when taking CBD in conjunction with other medication. But overall, the results of the study suggested no ill effects when using CBD while motoring.

At a time when folk are heading off on the open road, a study from the University of Sydney may help allay any concerns motorists may have about using CBD when driving. It can take the strain out of what can often be incredibly stressful, going on holiday with the family.

Source: https://www.walesonline.co.uk