Guess Who’s Researching The Medical Benefits Of CBD?

He is known as Hollywood’s Mr Nice Guy. The star of `Big`, `Forrest Gump` and `Philadelphia` and the first actor to win an Oscar two years running since Spencer Tracy in the thirties.

Movie fans are now gearing up to see Tom Hanks play Elvis’s manager Colonel Tom Parker in Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming biopic of The King. Are you aware though the amiable Academy Award winner has suffered from anxiety in the past and has taken CBD for his symptoms?

The superstar has revealed how he has used Cannabidiol when feeling anxious. The actor has also spoken of how CBD can assist those dealing with physical pain and injury, alongside serious health issues.

It has been revealed Mr Hanks, 65 years old, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when he was 59. He has even worked in conjunction with a student named Heather Pyces, to research how CBD can aid those living with the disease, as well as conditions related to stress.

The movie star has been working with Miss Pyces, who studied at Cornell University in New York, with interesting results. He has spoken of turning to CBD to deal with anxiety, and how it has assisted him throughout his movie career. Interestingly, he has collaborated with Ms Pyces to research how Cannabidiol can aid those suffering from Type 2 diabetes. The actor is now reportedly researching how CBD can be a viable treatment for his condition.

Mr Hanks initially took CBD to help with his anxiety. However, by all accounts, he is now an advocate of the various medicinal benefits of Cannabidiol and is dedicated to bringing it to the public.

Are you looking for the perfect celebrity endorsement, to spotlight how CBD can improve your physical or emotional health? You could not ask for a better spokesperson than a much loved, double Oscar-winning movie star, and Mr Nice Guy Tom Hanks has reportedly taken on the role.