From Movie Actors To Reality Stars- Hollywood Is Buzzing About CBD

From Movie Actors To Reality Stars- Hollywood Is Buzzing About CBD


There is nothing like getting an endorsement from a celebrity willing to give a product their seal of approval. Especially when you consider, for millions of their fans and admirers around the world who are greatly influenced by their favourite stars and follow their lead. So, when an A list celebrity speaks out about their admiration for a particular item, it is sure to garner attention.


Many famous people, A list stars, have spoken out about using CBD products for many different reasons. Extolling the numerous benefits, pointing out how CBD has improved their life, and why they are happy to endorse it.


For instance, if you are a fan of hit TV show `This Is Us` you will be interested to learn its beautiful leading lady, Mandy Moore, an experienced dancer and choreographer, uses CBD for pain relief. She especially utilises Cannabidiol product in the treatment of feet or heel pain, often intensified by her dancing, or walking on the red carpet, such as at a recent Golden Globe awards.


One of the biggest reality TV stars and social media influencers on the planet, Kim Kardashian is known for her love of CBD products, and apparently takes them to calm down when feeling stressed.


Legendary Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman is also said to be a huge advocate of CBD. The star of `Glory` and `The Shawshank Redemption` has reportedly been fighting his own battles, since surviving a car crash 12 years ago left him with a condition known as fibromyalgia, causing intense muscle pain. However, he has been taking CBD products to help ease his suffering and is thought to be a great supporter of cannabis and plant-based medical care.


America's sweetheart, and star of TVs `Friends` Jennifer Aniston, has spoken about how CBD oil has helped her deal with pain and stress. The television and movie actress has talked about how she has experienced the therapeutic benefits of Cannabidiol oils, without the psychoactive side effects. In other words, you could feel the soothing effects of marijuana, and not get high in the process. 


From dealing with stress to overcoming chronic pain, alongside other conditions, the bright and the beautiful of Hollywood are increasingly turning to CBD oil products to help them through it.


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