Find The Best Herbal Hemp Teas From Around The World at Regenerate CBD.

Find The Best Herbal Hemp Teas From Around The World at Regenerate CBD.  

Some say there is nothing better than a good cuppa! If you are looking for theideal pick me up, to help you through the day, try one of our delicious herbal hemp teas. You will never find a more soothing and calming concoction. We have a vast array of CBD teas, cateringto your taste.

Hemp tea is the perfect herbal mixture of hemp flower, rich with CBD Cannabidiol, and many different flavours, to bring you the most refreshing tea.

It is the product of brewing hemp seeds, buds, or leaves, exposed to high temperature in water. Soaking up various aspects of plant material, which you can then drink.

The seeds, leaves, stems, and buds are generally dried out and used in the production of CBD hemp tea. But, in certain cases, tea makers only utilisethe leaves and buds, which contain the highest percentage of cannabinoids in the plant.

Raw cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes are discharged into the water when you put in the tea. A process which can be sped up by adding fat-based products like almond or cow’s milk.

If you are in the market for the finest cup of herbal hemp tea, why not pour over the incredible choice on offer from Regenerate CBD, in Glasgow City Centre?

Feeling stressed out? There is nothing sweeter than our stunning Strawberry Cough. As the name suggests, this delightful CBD Tea is famous for its intoxicating aroma, as fresh strawberries fill the air.

If looking for a little taste of paradise, why not dig up some Acapulco Gold premium herbal hemp tea? You can savour one of the most celebrated, rarefied cannabis strains. Sourced straight from that beautiful part of Mexico and known for its striking appearance. It has orange hairs, with green, brown, and gold colouring, and an abundance of resin on the buds.

It is also famous for its scent,resembling burnt toffee when the bud is broken, which only adds to itsenjoyment. It is little wonder Acapulco Gold is among the most sought-after strains in existence.

For a taster of the calming herbal hemp teas from across the globe, you can pick up from Regenerate CBD and taste the wonders of the world, right here on your doorstep.