Ex Bake Off Star Bringing Out Mice Pies Containing CBD This Christmas

Ex Bake Off Star Bringing Out Mice Pies Containing CBD This Christmas

This has been a year like no other, ending with a Christmas the likes of which we have never seen. It may have changed somewhat, but certain traditions have remained. People still had Turkey for lunch, over-indulged on treats and chocolates and had a glass of beer, wine, or a sherry to celebrate the big day.

It is also customary to have Christmas pudding for dessert and you may munch on a mine pie. They have become as much a part of the festive season as opening gifts and carving the Turkey. However, what if you went against the grain this year, and tried a different type of mince pie, made with a special ingredient?

This year, it appears a former contestant on a popular cooking competition may have the answer. Especially as one time Great British Bake Off star Howard Middleton brought out a unique line of healthy mince pies for Christmas. They are a gluten-free, vegan-friendly confection with that little something extra, as it is the first mince pie of its kind to contain CBD oil.

Howard Middleton has teamed up with the famous retailer ActivelyCBD.com , renowned in the CBD market, to create a frangipane-topped mince pie. A one of a kind product, utilising hemp oil and hemp flour, alongside frosting topping and an additional 10mg of CBD oil, brought to you from ActivelyCBD.com.

Howard first came to the public’s attention seven years ago, after appearing on the fourth series of Bake Off in 2013. He caused quite a stir when he used hemp flour when baking on the show. Howard has now seen ActivelyCBD.com publish his recipe for mince pies with CBD Oil online, as well as posting a video of him baking the pies and showing viewers how it is done, on their YouTube channel.

The recipe contains hemp flour, coconut flour and hemp oil and water, sourced from a can of chickpeas, adding up to a delicious vegan and gluten-free mince pie. Grown-ups also have the option of including an additional 10mg of CBD Oil toevery pie, just to give it that little something extra.

It is becoming increasingly popular for in the UK for people to use CBD sourced food in their recipes. It is estimated around six million people in Britain have tried it, and now Howard Middleton, with the help of ActivelyCBD.com, has used it in his mince pies, which he brought out in time for Christmas.