Come And See Regenerate CBD Has Now Set Up Shop In Cardiff

Regenerate CBD have always been at the cutting edge of the Cannabidiol industry. We have had our finger on the pulse since openingour first shop on Buchanan Street in the centre of Glasgow.

Excitingly, we are now expanding our business to every corner of the UK and Ireland, where we provide the finest independent CBD Oil products on the market.  

We have spread our wings beyond our original home in Glasgow, and if you live in Wales, you can now find a Regenerate CBD outlet right on your doorstep.

We never close. Our shop for online distribution is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from our home base at Capital Tower on Greyfriars Road. You will be amazed at the incredible selection of CBD based products on offer in Cardiff, towering over the competition.

Cardiff, Caerdydd in Welsh; is officially known as the City and County of Cardiff. It was the site of the Senedd Cymru, or the Welsh Parliament. once called the National Assembly for Wales, but now widely referred to as `The Senedd`.

The heart of local government is situated in Wale’s capital city, which is now at the front line of the CBD market, with the opening of our specialist CBD shop, right in the centre of Cardiff.

We always stock the best Cannabidiol sourced products, available at competitive prices. These include our exceptional CBD Oils, expertly cultivated by experts at an independent farm, overseeing the process from the seed to the bottle. They come in various sizes, from 6% CBD Oil to 10% and 20%, which have passed strict quality control and undergone third-party testing, to guarantee excellence.

So, if you are based in the Welsh capital, and looking for the optimum Cannabidiol sourced merchandise, then visit your local Regenerate CBD shop in Cardiff. We are now branching out and setting up shop in your area. So, why not come and see for yourself?