CBD May Be The Answer To Treating America's Opioid Epidemic

For a long time now, America has been going through a crisis. Before the pandemic struck, the US was experiencing an epidemic, which has destroyed countless lives. The country has been caught in the seemingly never-ending nightmare of opioid addiction, but hope is not lost.

The United States Food and Drug Administration; commonly referred to as The FDA, is the federal agency of the government body called The Department of Health and Human Services. It is the responsibility of the FDA to safeguard and promote the health and wellbeing of the general public. This is achieved by overseeing and managing food safety, the tobacco industry, cosmetics, and dietary supplements. It also oversees medical products and devices, vaccines, blood transfusions and prescription and over the counter drugs, amongst other areas.

The FDA has just approved an application for what is known as IND, or an Investigative New Drug. It is for possible human trials for a brand new experimental drug called Nantheia ATL5, being conducted by ANANDA Scientific. A famous biotech company, looking to ascertain the drug’s effectiveness in treating opioid addiction.

However, what apparently sets Nantheia apart is that it is a patented CBD delivery system, designed to enhance bioavailability in the human body. It has been engineered to make Cannabidiol water-soluble, so it can enter the bloodstream quicker and more economically, to realise its’ medical possibilities.

It is an issue reportedly addressed by the biotech firm’s latest innovation, the so-called Liquid StructureTM. Basically, it is cutting edge technology converting CBD, alongside other plant-based substances, into pharmaceutical and nutraceutical items, which the company maintain are viable options in the treatment of dependency.

The clinical trials are set to take place at the world-famous UCLA, The University of California, Los Angeles. Based at the Jane and Terry Semel Institute at David Geffen School of Medicine. They have received financing from the NIMA, the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

ANANDA Scientific, the biotech company, has spoken of how IND approval for a prospective drug underscores the growth of CBD based medication. Encompassing its vast therapeutic benefit and how it can help overcome addiction. Especially as an alternative treatment for opioid abuse, to turn the tide of the addiction crisis in America.

The US has been caught in the grip of opioid addiction, but they are now turning to a new alternative. When it comes to battling dependency, CBD sourced products may be the answer, as they begin clinical trials. Who knows what the future may bring?

Source: Leafie.co.uk