CBD Infused Drinks. From Alcohol To Tea, Have Got Piping Hot During Lockdown

CBD Infused Drinks. From Alcohol To Tea, Have Got Piping Hot During Lockdown

Looks like we are in the middle of a revolution where CBD products are flying high. They are now at the forefront of healthy living. More and more people are reimagining what they take to feel good. Back in the day, folk took just vitamins and minerals, but increasing numbers are now turning to Cannabidiol-infused beverages. From CBD tea to energy drinks and even beer or gin; both therapeutic and refreshing at the same time and are making a big splash on the retail market.

The drink’ s trade has been riding the wave of cannabis-based products around the world recently, and it is only set to get bigger in the next few years. As a matter of fact, going by marketing data provided by Prohibition Partners, a prominent market intelligence and analysis firm, specialising in the global cannabis industry, sales are set to go up by an incredible 300% in the next four years.

According to the company’s recent report, entitled Disrupting Drinks, cannabis-infused items are becoming increasingly popular in every facet of the drinks trade. Be it regular household beverages like tea and coffee, to healthy wellness and alcoholic drinks, they are also experiencing a boom on sales, and it appears the sky’s the limit.

CBD products are so hot right now, for the first time ever, sales exceeded £2 billion in the year leading up to March 2019. They have risen in popularity ever since, word of mouth has spread, as more and more people are singing their praises, speaking of their therapeutic values, and how CBD oil products have improved their health situation.

We at Regenerate CBD are committed to providing our customers with the finest CBD infused beverages on the market. A refreshing alternative which can combat pain and anxiety, while help putting a spring in your step. If you are looking for the perfect brew, infused with CBD oil, then you have come to the right place. See for yourself why CBD beverages have gone through the roof during lockdown, by having a cuppa on us.