CBD Helps Mother On Crutches Deal With Pain -And It Can Do The Same For You

It is a sad fact mothers experience great pain during pregnancy and childbirth, but they can also suffer after giving birth. It is also true that, in certain cases, expectant mothers can undergo such pain that their mobility is affected and may even require crutches to get around.

This was exactly the case with Kelly Tweedle. A 37 year old mother from Glasgow, who in the course of her second pregnancy, was afflicted with a condition called symphysis pubis dysfunction, otherwise referred to as SPD. An ailment affecting the back, hips, and upper legs, which caused her unbearable pain.

Ms Tweedle, a former midwife, feels symphysis pubis dysfunction is not a widely known medical complaint, which is not fully appreciated how it can infringe on a sufferer’s life and how painful it can be.

Most of the time, the ailment gets better and dissipates after a woman gives birth. But, in Kelly’s case, she still felt intense pain for nine years, following the birth of her second child, her son Alfie. Ms Tweedle, who also has a 12-year-old daughter, stated she had decided against having a third child, due to the terrible SPD pain she experienced throughout her second pregnancy.

Unfortunately, painkillers could not help, and she tried physiotherapy, but it was so bad she had to use crutches six months into her pregnancy. Ms Tweedle had almost resigned herself to the fact she had a bad hip and was going to have to live with the pain.

That was when, just as it seemed she was running out of options, Ms Tweedle discovered CBD. She sampled a particular brand of Cannabidiol, and after taking a few drops under her tongue, was amazed at the results. According to reports, she felt the effects right away, which was almost miraculous considering how much pain she was in.

It only underscores the amazing medical and therapeutic powers of CBD. It is known for its soothing, healing characteristics, as well as its noted anti-inflammatory properties. CBD has helped a mother forced to use crutches during pregnancy overcome intense pain, so imagine what it can do for you.

Source: Dailyrecord.co.uk