CBD for Skin Conditions

Scientists Say CBD Molecule Could Be A Game Changer In Treatment Of Skin Diseases


It seems we are constantly seeing how CBD is becoming an important force in the field of medical research. From helping with physical conditions like chronic pain and overcoming injury, to psychological and mental health issues like anxiety and depression, we are witnessing new breakthroughs daily.

But are you aware CBD can now help overcome medical complaints on the outside, as well as the inside? Especially asexperts now feel there is a possibility the Cannabidiol molecule could be used to treat rare skin diseases.

This comes after scientists highlighted, in what is thought to be for the first time, how CBD generates an enzyme called oxygenase 1, containing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, in the top layer of the skin, known as keratinocytes.

The research was carried out by two prominent institutions pulling their resources, the University of Cordoba in Spain, and the University of Dundee in Scotland. During their examination, they discovered CBD induces the expression of the enzyme by silencing or decreasing a protein called BACH1.

Scientists, now they know how it works, have also been working to modify the Cannabidiol molecule, to strengthen the properties which can be utilised to treat various skin diseases.

They have been toiling to design pioneering new molecules which, alongside reducing BACH1 levels, also activates the NRF2 protein, managing specific gene expression.

Experts have shone a light on how newly created molecules, sourced from CBD, can result in what is known as double antioxidant activity. They can withhold BACH1 and induce heme oxygenase 1 expression and activate NRF2, which serves the same purpose. It can express heme oxygenase 1, as well as antioxidant genes.

Suppressing BACH1, and activating NRF2, can bring on powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory results, with vast health and therapeutic benefits.

For instance, experts believe the action mechanism may be a milestone in developing numerous skin disease treatments such as epidermolysis bullosa and atopic dermatitis, among others

The study, appearing in the noted publication `Redox Biology`, only highlights how scientists are continuing to work on modifying molecules to enhance their medical properties.

All part of their ongoing goal to see how CBD could be utilised to treat various skin complaints and inflammatory diseases. Providing comfort for hundreds and thousands of people living with skin conditions across the UK. Where the Cannabidiol molecule could very well be the silver bullet, which changes their lives for good.