CBD Cafe Scotland

How Sweet Inverness Café Now Has CBD Goodies On The Menu

Who would have guessed Inverness, the city considered the capital of the Highlands, could now be at the centre of CBD based dining in Scotland?

If you are in the mood for a refreshing cuppa, to give you that little pick me up, then why not stop by the Rendezvous café in Church Street? The legendary local eatery is known for serving fine Northern Italian coffee and offering a full English breakfast.

Moreover, they have added something a little extra special to their menu. Patrons could now sip on a cup of tea sourced from CBD, while snacking on a piece of CBD infused cake or chocolate, alongside other treats.

Customers are now lining up to try the delicious food and beverages sourced from cannabidiol. Especially as people are becoming more aware of how CBD can help relieve various medical conditions, from pain and sleep disorders to depressive illnesses like stress and anxiety.

The wider public are now experiencing CBD infused food and drink for themselves. They can have a refreshing cup of coffee or something sweet to eat, while savouring the positive health benefits at the same time.

The proprietor of the café, Benny Karoui Hadar, has expounded the virtues of CBD beverages and foodstuff. Reportedly, they have proven to be a big hit, where surprisingly it appears older diners seem to enjoy cannabis sourced products the most.

Mr Hadar is now considering introducing tea mixes of his own creation, from cannabis containing peppermint to a deluxe mix with camomile.

Diners can enjoy a rich selection of cannabis teas, as well as snacking on CBD infused brownies, orange-flavoured dark chocolate bars and cannabis sourced cakes. They can also pick up some cold-pressed oil which can serve as a steak rub, or the same purpose as olive oil in salads.

All in the surroundings of the famous Rendezvous café, located in a prime spot in the city, with an exciting history. It is now on the site of what used to be a legendary music venue called the Northern Meeting Rooms which, in 1960, once welcomed a band called the Silver Beetles, before they changed their name to The Beatles.

The Northern Meeting Rooms were later knocked down and a music store called The Record Rendezvous, selling vinyl LPs and tapes, was built in its place. Unfortunately, the shop also closed, dropped the Record from its name, and was turned into the café called the Rendezvous, but its glorious history remains.

Is it not incredible, that the city of Inverness, which once witnessed the birth of popular music, is now on the cutting edge of CBD dining.

From Inverness to all corners of the UK, we are on the cusp of a health food revolution, and it is only getting bigger.