Cannabis Clinic Opens! Isle of Man

New Consultation Shows Possible Rise In Interest In Medicinal Cannabis On Isle Of Man


What images form in your mind when you think of the Isle Of Man? Do you consider its` status as a British Crown dependency, located between Ireland and the UK? Do you think of it is standing as a separate nation, competing in the Commonwealth Games, or the site of the famous 24 hourmotorcycle race, the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race, otherwise known as "The TT"?


The Isle of Man is also a self-governing territory, which has shown there may be arise in support for medical cannabis expansion on the island.


Last year, the island government brought medicinal cannabis on the island to the forethrough a consultation, where they askedthe local populace how they felt about various issues, and the results were overwhelming. It transpired more than 90% of people on the Isle Of Man said they had no objection to a controlled and regulated medicinal cannabis market on the island.


A large percentage of the population is also in favour of bringing out medicinal cannabis products which have undergone quality control and making them readily available to the public.


Following a change in the law on the 1st of November two years ago, implemented the same day as the UK, medical cannabis is now legal on the Isle Of Man. However, it should be noted, at present, it can only be prescribed by consultants on the specialist register for certain medical conditions.


Advocates of making medicinal cannabis more accessible concede that, even if there was a liberal, loosening of drug policy on the island, medicinal cannabis would still not be available over the counter, and only by prescription.


It is hoped though in time, changes in regulations could see it no longer being prescribed by consultants on the specialist register alone but becoming more widespread.  For instance, General Practitioners, amongst others, could have the authority to dispense medicinal cannabis on the Isle of Man.


Ultimately, changes in regulations maydepend on various factors. Ranging from consulting with practitioners to legislative drafting availability and receiving approval from Parliament, amongst other considerations.


It seems, following the consultation, the government may be loosening up when it comes to medicinal cannabis. Many hope that, within 12 months, it could becomeincreasingly available on the Isle of Man.


It may be a controversial issue, but it appears more and more people may support a regulated medicinal cannabis market on the island.


But who can predict what the future may bring?