As The Good Life Is Remade On Stage Would The Goods Be Using CBD These Days?

It may seem like these days, in the age of remakes, reimagining’s and reboots, innovative ideas are exceedingly rare. Hardly a day goes by without hearing about some old tv show or movie being done all over again, where you wonder if anyone ever has an original thought anymore.

Not that there is anything new about remakes. The practice of taking old movies and making a different version has happened throughout Hollywood history. For instance, both `Ben-Hur` and `The Ten Commandments`, starring Charlton Heston, were remakes, while Alfred Hitchcock directed two versions of his own story, `The Man Who Knew Too Much`.

There are also many instances of films and TV shows being recreated in the theatre. Bruce Willis starred in a play of the Stephen King film `Misery`, while actor Dirk Benedict, Faceman in TVs `The A Team`, portrayed Lt. Columbo in a stage version of `Prescription Murder` the original pilot episode of the series.

British TV shows have also been adapted for the stage with Paul Whitehouse, the star of The Fast Show, appearing in a play based on the much-loved sitcom `Only Fools And Horses`. However, that is not the only situation comedy that has been turned into a stage play. This comes with the news comedian

Rufus Hound is now taking on the role played by Richard Briers in a theatre adaptation of The Good Life.

The beloved series is about a middle-class suburban couple who give it all up and become self-sufficient. It could be said Tom, along with his wife Barbara Good, played by Felicity Kendal on television and now Sally Tatum on stage, were ahead of their time, going green back in the seventies.

It would be interesting to see how the show has moved with the times The Goods in the 21st Century are embracing alternative medicines and herbal remedies. They would probably be joining the likes of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, who is reportedly growing hemp on his farm, and Tom and Barbara Good would certainly follow suit.

There is now a greater call for the use of medicinal cannabis, and increased numbers of people are using CBD. It is no longer just on the fringes of society, or part of an alternative lifestyle, but has entered the mainstream. Therefore, it makes sense that the Goods would be using Cannabidiol and may even have been growing it on their allotment. That is how commonplace using CBD has become these days. It wouldn’t be The Good Life without it!